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What Equipment Do I Need?

Many looking to join our training program aren’t sure how much they will need to spend to get all the equipment they need to train with us. No student wants to show up the first day and be the odd one out and not able to participate because they weren’t fully-informed on the equipment required […]

What Drives Your Dojo?

We realize that some of our followers may not be able to attend our Dojo for training due to time, geographic, or other restrictions. If you are passionate about learning the Japanese art of either Iaito, Kendo, or any other martial art form you should pursue your dream, even if it is through unconventional methods (hint […]

Patience & Perseverance

In-Class Experience Patience is just as much a skillset as the rest of the kendo art form. Today at the Dojo here in Yorkshire we had a large class for some of our beginner (Kyu) level kendokas. As we do with all our classes we start off with a warm up and progress to more […]

Types of Martial Arts – Armed

It takes skill to immobilize your opponent with your bare hands, but there are also very impressive armed maneuvers to counter an attacker. A couple days ago we blogged about some of the more popular unarmed methods of Japanese martial arts. Today we’ll run through some of the more well known armed fighting styles. Armed […]

Types of Martial Arts – Unarmed

Though this website is dedicated to kendo, kendo is not the only form of martial arts still practiced. One of the most commonly known for its entrance into the main stream viewing is the art of Jujutsu. Jujutsu is a form of close combat using swift, calculated maneuvers to disarm or decommission an opponent. Mixed Martial Arts […]

Welcome Kendokas

For our first blog we’ll start with an overview of the art. For those of you who may be newcomers to the practice of Kendo we’ll enlighten you on the basics and some basic terminology. Some of you may already know what we will discuss here so bear with us and keep an eye out for […]