What Drives Your Dojo?

We realize that some of our followers may not be able to attend our Dojo for training due to time, geographic, or other restrictions.

If you are passionate about learning the Japanese art of either Iaito, Kendo, or any other martial art form you should pursue your dream, even if it is through unconventional methods (hint hint Aikijutsu Academy, we’ll save this discussion for a later post though).

Other’s may not be driven to martial arts because of a childhood dream, but instead may be due to a life event.

Sarah’s Story

A friend of mine always knew of my dojo and my teachings here yet was never interested in attending. I’d try and tell here about not only the physical and mental rewards of studying the art but also the spiritual. She wasn’t enticed…

One night on her walk home from her late shift down at the pub she found herself heading down an alley that usually is lit but on this night the bulb must have been out whether it be due to tampering, electrical issues, or just simply broke.

Either way it was dark and a situation most would avoid.

She being a brave women though decided to just jot through since she was just a short distance from home.

Then what we all fear happened, she was mugged by a bloke with a blade.

Luckily she was not harmed but she did have to forfeit her satchel containing all her identification, cash, and credit cards.

Within a few days she joined our dojo. Never again did she want to feel helpless and at the mercy of some thugs.

This is an unfortunate event that luckily ended without any harm coming to her. This was her reason to get involved in the martial art forms out there that can help anyone develop skillsets to counter harmful situations they may be placed in.

Whatever drives you, realize that you not only are finding a way to pass the time, to get fit, or to relieve stress, you may be investing in something that can save your life down the road.